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1st Quarter Diversity Letter

    March 3, 2016



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    Top Articles of 2016

    Keeping dress codes non-discriminatory and avoiding a Mizzou-like diversity scandal were among the year's top read articles. - See more at:


    Companies with Female Leaders Have Higher Returns on Equity
    Mizzou Protests Raise Questions About Role of Diversity Officers     
    Merely designating a diversity officer is no guarantee that cultural, ethnic, gender or religious tensions will be resolved, whether at an educational institution or a corporation.

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    Millennial Women Believe They’ll Close the Gender Gap in Executive Jobs
    Female Millennials overwhelmingly believe that their generation will be the one to move more women into business leadership positions, according to a new study by ManpowerGroup.

    The Rush Toward Paid Parental Leave: Why Now? 
    As Hilton joins other employers offering the perk, experts explore reasons behind the sudden interest. 

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    ‘Frat Boy’ Mentality Can Keep Women Out of Tech Companies
    The lack of diversity in the industry isn’t a matter of deliberate discrimination, experts say. And the solutions are more complicated than at slower-growing,
    more-established organizations.

    How Companies Are Attracting Young Workers
    Frequent promotions and raises. Supportive environments. Transparency. Flexible schedules. (CNN Money). - See more at:





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